Revolutionizing the way leaders & organizations use data

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Revolutionizing the way leaders and organizations use data to understand, predict, and ultimately change their operating environment.


We provide clients with an accurate understanding that helps them make powerful decisions.
Working collaboratively with public and private sector partners, we produce data intelligence that helps decision makers better understand root causes, manage risk, and reach their goals. We focus on building bespoke and sustainable tools, either acting as an inhouse team or training existing personnel.
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We develop customized predictive models that are driving organizations to reimagine their business practices.
Our models are built to address a particular problem, driven by your demands, not our supply. They help organizations’ predict their needs, identify waste, and redefine the relationship between process engineering and artificial intelligence. All underpinned by evidence.


Our models aren’t just about understanding behavior. They are about changing it.
By combining cross-disciplinary machine learning R&D and social science research methodologies with our understanding of public policy, we’re helping to reveal insights about why people do the things they do. We then help clients use this understanding to nudge behavior in the right direction. We can help you redefine your processes, reinvent your monitoring and accountability systems, or reshape your rewards structures, all with an aim to helping you achieve your organizational objectives.
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Rights, ethics, & security. By design.

As developers, its all about first principles. Our principles are simple: Respect human rights, protect the most vulnerable, and create secure systems for individuals and organizations. From conception to completion.

Our Work


The Covid-19 crisis poses unprecedented challenges to government’s around the world. In Lebanon, the challenges are compounded by a rapidly deteriorating economic situation, poor public sector governance, and low levels of public trust in government.

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iPLAN is an dynamic, comprehensive representation of the existing Lebanese public procurement landscape. The tool maps all oversight institutions and the various procurement transactions.

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Technology does not just enable change, it drives it. FENIX allows to design bespoke ICT solutions and automate workflows that improve efficiency and effectiveness, while increasing transparency and accountability of public sector institutions.

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PULSE is a social media intelligence tool. Built to understand and predict social behavior, it tracks, collects and analyzes different social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

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IMPACT (Inter-Ministerial Platform for Assessment, Coordination, and Tracking) aims at the heart of these problems, using path-breaking technologies from the private sector to drive changes in behavior and, ultimately, outcomes in the public sector in Lebanon. A custom built digital platform for government communications, decisions, and data, it is rapidly upending the traditional decision-making architecture in Lebanon’s public sector. Within a month of conception, we had over 5,000 users, had partners from four different government agencies. and mapped household needs across over 1,800,000 individuals. All from scratch.


iPLAN (Interactive Platform for Legal Assessment and Navigation) lays out workflows, audit and complaint processes. It further highlights overlaps and gaps while linking with a MAPS assessment of the Lebanese procurement system. The platform includes a dynamic and comprehensive archive of all legal references related to the Lebanese procurement system. Siren Analytics developed iPLAN in support of the legal review and reform of the Lebanese procurement system commanded by the Ministry of Finance, supported by the international community, and carried on by the Lebanese Parliament.


Fenix has been integrated with the Police of Beirut Command and Control Center and is currently being extended to the Headquarters Command and Control Center, linking all processes within and between stations with the operations room, the planning teams, the analysis teams, the inquiry brigade and other stakeholders involved in police operations. The Police has been using Fenix to manage the transition from pencil and paper processes to digitized workflow, leading to data analysis and supporting intelligence-led policing and crime prevention.


Social media has become the primary source of information today that allows businesses, media and government to understand the needs, reactions and interests of the people. Siren Analytics created Pulse to better understand these elements through a simple and interactive dashboard adaptable to the user’s needs. Tracking, creating alerts, and understanding the network surrounding your business is now possible with a simple click.


Leveraging private sector innovation for the public good.

Siren Analytics leverages private sector innovation to solve the big problems of today. Working with like-minded partners from across the public, private, and non-profit sectors, we’re revolutionizing the way leaders and organizations use information to make decisions. From environmental protection, economic security, and global health to public sector governance and human security, we are harnessing the transformative impact of ICT technologies , putting data at the service of safer, more just, and more prosperous communities.

Our Story

A Siren Associates/CME joint venture.

Siren Analytics is a joint venture between CME and Siren Associates Ltd. Together, we’re disrupting the normal order of things.

CME is a multinational company providing digital services for Fortune 1000 companies. They have broken down barriers between technologies and sectors, providing end-to-end, hardware-to-software engineering solutions across a range of industries.

We’re combining this unique breadth of capabilities with the knowledge, skill-set, and expertise of Siren Associates, who have been driving change management processes and reshaping senior-level decision-making in the public sector across the Middle East for over a decade. Recognizing the potential for data analytics and digitization to transform the nature of public sector change management, we’ve teamed up.

We are committed to embracing complexity and challenging orthodoxy to solve the unprecedented challenges the world faces today. Merging the disruptive power of technology with a deep understanding of political economy, we’re willing to take calculated risks when it means putting the leading technologies of today into the hands of tomorrows leaders. Based out of Beirut, we see the wealth of technology expertise in Lebanon not just as an economic competitive advantage, but as a public good that can be engaged in meaningful missions and contribute to improved prosperity in Lebanon, the Middle East, and around the world.

Our Industries

The globalized world of today has broken down traditional barriers and driven increased complexity.
  • 01 Government to Citizen E-Services
  • 02 Public Sector Governance Reform
  • 03 Justice and Security
  • 04 Public Health
  • 05 Energy
  • 06 Banking
  • 07 Insurance
  • 08 Marketing and Sales
  • 09 Supply Chain Management
  • 10 Monitoring and Evaluation

Our Partners & Clients

Siren Associates and CME bring together a golden track record of successfully completing projects for 100+ clients.

OUR Team

Siren Analytics brings together leading expertise in software engineering, computer science, and big data analytics. Drawing on Lebanon’s untapped technology capabilities and with a clear grounding in the Arabic language, we are developing cutting edge solutions that meet the needs of our clients and the demands of our contexts. We partner closely with our colleagues at Siren Associates to make sure we are always finding new ways to leverage our technological capabilities in the service of the public good.

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